Here we are, creating art and having a great dining experience!

Picture of the FLAME tree of Guam

Hello and welcome to my world of good food with art and craft!  Art is freedom! I believe everyone can be creating some form of art and not necessarily have to be an artist to do so.  Food brings people together and tasting fine wine is a plus!  My vision is to share the love of art and craft and promote a sense of work life balance via our events.  Also, pairing art with good cuisine, that is just divine!

Whenever I travel, I like to understand and learn the local cultures, the wonderful techniques that people use in art and craft, try the variety of unique cuisine there.  I will visit local fairs, talk to artists, going to different eateries, big or small and get inspired by them.  

I hope you will be inspired as well through our art supper club events!


Anne Haywood

Creative Director