Here we are creating art

and having a great dining experience!


Creating something with your hands can bring lots of joy!  We live in a world of technology, social media communities, and virtual reality.    The daily routine could be checking with our phones, computers, work, and once in awhile meeting with friends.  I would love to see more people coming out of their virtual world, and joining us in the fun art social events where you meet people, enjoy making things with your hands, spark an interest in creativity and be stress-free.

Food brings people together and tasting fine wine is a plus!  My vision is to share the love of art and craft and promote a sense of work life balance through our events.  

Whenever I travel, I like to understand different cultures, experience local cuisine, learn the wonderful techniques that people use in art and craft.  I will visit local fairs, talk to artists, going to different eateries, big or small and get inspired by them.  

Join us and be inspired as well through our art for fun events!


Anne Haywood

Creative Director